Protection of Children
and Youth
in Church in Poland




System of Protection of Minors and Assistance for Victims of Sexual Abuse

The actions of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland with regard to the prevention of sexual abuse of minors and assistance to victims are based on existing basic structures in dioceses and religious orders, reporting directly to the bishop or religious superior. The Polish Bishops’ Conference PBC Delegate for the Protection of Children and Youth acting in agreement with the PBC Coordinator for the Protection of Children and Youth are responsible for actions in this area at a national level across Poland. The Child Protection Centre, operating since 2014 at the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow, supports dioceses and religious congregations in developing sexual abuse prevention and response systems. Moreover, in 2019 the Polish Bishops’ Conference established the PBC Saint Joseph Foundation whose task is to assist persons abused by the clergy members while supporting existing and initiating new actions for the protection of minors within local structures.

PBC delegate for protection children
and young people

Archbishop Wojciech Polak

Metropolitan Bishop of Gniezno
the Primate of Poland

Tasks of the PBC Delegate and his Office:

  • working out and implementing systemic solutions for the Church in Poland that serve the protection of minors and help the victims
  • monitoring the assistance system at the national level
  • individual assistance to victims
  • intra-church communication
  • external communications, contact with the media
  • publications

Office of the PBC Delegate for the Protection of Children
and Youth

Rev. Piotr Studnicki – Head

Postal address:
Skwer kard. Stefana
Wyszyńskiego 6, pok. 212
01-015 Warszawa

Polska / Poland
phone: +48 726 888 112

PBC Coordinator for
the Protection of Children and Youth

Fr. Adam Żak SJ

PBC Coordinator
DIRECTOR OF THE CHIldren protection center

The PBC Coordinator is responsible for the substantive aspect of the system of protection of children and youth against sexual abuse in the Polish Church.

He shall ensure that all actions taken are professional, relevant and appropriate to the needs, and that the persons undertaking them are competent.

PBC Coordinator for
the Protection of Children and Youth

phone: +48 785 032 106

The Polish Bishops’ Conference
Saint Joseph Fundation

The Saint Joseph Foundation supports people who have been sexually abused in childhood or adolescence in the community of the Church. It supports the building of diocesan and religious structures responsible for the prevention of abuse and providing assistance to the victims.

The Polish Bishops’ Conference
Saint Joseph Fundation

phone: +48 504 795 357 (Mon-Fri 8.30-16.30)

Postal address:
Skwer kard. Stefana
Wyszyńskiego 6
01-015 Warszawa
Polska / Poland

The Child Protection Centre

The CPC supports the child and youth protection system through educational and conceptual activities:

  • developing new prevention programmes, support materials, etc.
  • developing training programmes for different target groups, running them or supporting others in running them, either in terms of content or staff
  • evaluation of training programmes and training courses
  • providing superintendent and expert assistance to system entities
  • conducting postgraduate studies on the protection of children and Youth against sexual abuse
  • research and scientific activities
  • international cooperation, inter alia through participation in the Global Safeguarding Alliance

The Child Protection Centre

Postal address:
ul. Kopernika 26
31-501 Kraków, Poland

phone: +48 785 042 123, +48 12 399 96 67

The Local Level


Appointed in dioceses and religious order provinces, the Delegates for the Protection of Children and Youth are authorized by the bishop or religious superior to:

  • receive reports of sexual abuse of minors;
  • initiate the appropriate measures and help for victims of sexual abuse to receive adequate psychological, legal and pastoral support


In dioceses and religious congregations, Pastoral Workers of the Victims provide pastoral care and spiritual support to:

  • victims of sexual abuse
  • relatives of the victims
  • communities affected by sexual depravity


Supervisors of clergy members suspected, accused, convicted or acquitted of the crime of sexual abuse of minors:

  • establish a „safety plan”
  • accompany a clergy members who has been accused of sexual abuse from the time of the accusation until the conclusion of the trial
  • following any conviction, a new safety plan is agreed upon, taking into account the findings of the trial.

The goal of the supervisors is to help the defendant understand and adhere to the
restrictions imposed on him and, after trial and sentencing is carried out, to help him change his life and behaviour so that he will never hurt anyone again.


Documents on prevention principles are developed by dioceses and also by religious congregations, both male and female.